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Diana Ramsay

Citrusway® was created out of the idea to bring safe & natural nail  and skin products for bacteria, mold & fungus to its audience.
Our products aim to deliver superior results without the use of chemicals or toxic drugs.
Citrusway was created out of the idea to bring safe & natural nail and skin products for bacteria, mold & fungus to its audience.Our products aim to deliver superior results without the use of chemicals or toxic drugs.


Diana Ramsay learned the benefits of clean, natural living decades ago because of a family tragedy. Diana’s brother tragically passed away when she was only 22 years old and the grief manifested itself physically in Diana’s body and it basically shut down.

Following several months of serious discomfort she visited with her doctor who having heard her story told her not to be concerned. If her body had acquired a new system of going to the bathroom once every six months, “that it was okay.” Diana new that this advice was absurd, but didn’t know where to go from there.

Several months later, a friend suggested she visit an MD who practiced homeopathic medicine, Dr Michael VanStratten who had a practice in London. Out of desperation but not much confidence she arranged an appointment to see him. Following a long and intensive interview with Dr VanStratten, he recommended a natural, organic granular product and asked her to use 1 tablespoon in water at 6pm that night.

By 6am the following morning her life was completely turned around, and from that day, Diana has never looked back. Diana adopted Dr VanStratten as her personal physician and learned many valuable things about eating the right foods and using the correct supplements that cooperated with her body, rather than using pharmaceuticals that altered her natural chemistry.

In 1970, Diana gave birth to her first child prematurely. Amongst several complications with her son, he had a poorly functioning liver and an under developed digestive system. The medical staff told Diana that his future didn’t look so great, and if he survived he would either have learning disabilities or his major motor skills would be impaired limiting his sports abilities if not eliminate his chances altogether.  To Diana, this prognosis was completely unacceptable.

Armed with the knowledge she had learned from Dr VanStratten, she fed herself the only the very best balanced food and supplements available to make sure her son received the best nutrients possible through her breast milk. Once her son was old enough to eat solid food, Diana continued with a well-controlled, chemical free nourishing diet for him, providing all the nutrients he needed to grow into a normal healthy child. At the age of 15, her son was not only a thriving student but the 10th fastest 200 meter breast stroke swimmer in the world.

In 1986, Diana founded an adult vocational school and one of the skills she taught was nail technology. During this time Diana became very aware of the chronic condition of finger and toenail fungus. She quickly learned that there was nothing on the market that could help people treat the condition and began researching how she could help her clients recover from this embarrassing and often painful disorder.

Through her research she discovered the problem of finger and toenail fungus stemmed from several sources:

Ingested: Pharmaceutical (many of them lifesaving)

Topical:   The application of harsh chemicals, i.e. formaldehyde, phenol, methamercrylic

Traumatize: Injuries to fingers and toes

Transmitted: From un-sanitized tools, unsanitary practices in badly managed nail salons.

Because of her personal experiences she had learned the power of healing, repair and recovery using natural, organic products she began to pursue that path.

In 1989, Diana was introduced to a scientist who had discovered and developed an ingredient derived from citrus fruit and pulp that targeted bacteria, mold and fungus. The ingredient was completely natural with no chemicals added: this was right up Diana

Using the schools clientele as a study group, she spent one and a half years developing the exact formulation we now know as Citrusway.

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