Dermatillomania Skin Picking – Hands and Feet

download (1)imagesimagesEQ775894imagesN3YOWVO0Dermatillomania a disorder where you may have picked to the point of bleeding and scabbing. Some in the medical community view this as a from of OCD and some consider it to be an anxiety driven compulsion. Regardless of the medical label, Dermatillomania is a heart wrenching and embarrassing problem for 1 in 20 people. A common form of Dermatillomania is the picking of the hands and feet. Often, the skin picker creates serious issues in daily living when this picking gets out of control.

Not to panic if you occasionally pick a hang nail, a loose piece of flaky skin or perhaps a white head on your chin. These are all considered to be in the realm of “normal” behavior. A person who suffers with Dermatillomania has an uncontrollable urge or sensation to scan and pick the skin uncontrollably. Picking and peeling of the skin to the point where oozing, rawness, deep layer exposure, bleeding and often infection occurs.  In some cases the “skin picker” will create an issue to pick at on the skin where there is nothing to pick at creating a wound to body where there was not an issue to start with.

A common place for a skin picker to pick is the hands and feet. Picking at the skin around these areas at a compulsive level can create problems with daily living and social situations. Avoiding the beach, the gym, social outside warm weather gatherings, open shoes and sandals, covering and hiding the hands or avoiding shaking hands.

As there are a few treatment based therapies for Dermatillomania, we suggest to stop everyday and BREATH! Practice conscious living and take some time to take care of your self. Simply stoppingimages (2) to take a few deep cleansing breaths and let go of your story and your stress, even for a moment or two can change the way you feel and look at life. Try incorporating meditation, breathing, yoga and so important the practice of living in the moment.

Taking the time to take care of  your self can help with urge to pick at your hands and feet. Citrusway offers the “Skin Pickers Care Kit”. This kit includes our Professional Foot File, Citrusway Foot Refresh and a 2 oz jar our incredible soothing foot cream. $19.95 see products page for purchase.